T.Rex Dr. Swamp pedal

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Used pedal. With manual and box. VG+ condition.
With two Dr Swamps in a single pedal, you can toggle between your favorite Dr Swamp settings to deliver two brands of sweet T-Rex distortion without tweaking any knobs.

The GAIN A knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch A.

The GAIN B knob controls the amount of distortion, when using switch B.

The TONE knob affects the top end (edge) of your signal without compromising sonic quality, allowing you to dial in the perfect tonal flavor for you taste.

The LEVEL knob sets the overall volume. In mid-position (twelve o’clock) the volume level is 1:1. When turned full over (clockwise) the input signal is boosted 15dB.

INDICATORS: The tone regulators have built in lights. They show which channel is active, A or B. To turn off the pedal, you just hit the channel that lights and the pedal is bypassed. To turn it on, just hit the channel you need to be active.

Gain1 setting gives you that magnificent Mudhoney fuzz while the Gain2 setting is more like a classic British stack with tight low end response. Volume control is unity gain in the 12 o'clock position and provides up to 15dB of boost. Great for solos with enough gain to get that comfort zone with clarity.

Twin distortion
Start out with a great chunky rhythm sound – warm and bassy, but with a nice crisp edge. Then, when it’s solo time, kick your Dr Swamp in to high gear to deliver a gorgeous, searing lead sound that’ll take your playing to new heights.

If you like a cleaner rhythm sound, then reserve the two channels of your Dr Swamp for two different lead settings – a more restrained classic blues sound, for example, and a High Voltage rock-and-roll scream. No matter how you choose to set it up, the new Dr Swamp twin distortion will always give you more.

T-Rex tone
Dr Swamp gives you twice the distortion – and twice the legendary T-Rex tone. Designed to deliver the rich warmth that T-Rex felt was missing from other pedals on the market; Dr Swamp has become a standard-setter for tone in distortion.

2 settings with very different distortions

Dr. Swamp Double Distortion Pedal

Technical specs:
Input Impedance @ 1KHz: 453KOhm
Output Impedance@1KHz: 1.2KOhm
Power supply:
9V DC (Power tool 9)
Minimum Power supply Voltage: 8V DC
Maximum Power supply Voltage:
12.5V DC
Current Draw @ 9V DC: 13mA
Maximum input signal Vp/p: 1.5Vp/p
Battery Type:
9V battery 6F22
Battery Life: 6 to 9 Hour
External connectors:
Input Jack. Output Jack,
9V DC Jack
On/Off, Level, Gain Tone
Depth: 120mm
Width: 100mm
Height: 55mm
Weight (excl. battery)

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T.Rex Dr. Swamp pedal

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