Boss SL-20 Slicer Pedal


Used Boss SL-20 Slicer Pedal.
Bring your guitar playing to another level with the Boss SL 20 Slicer effect pedal. Whether you are in the studio or onstage, this Boss looper lets you create your own percussive rhythms and grooves with backup from any of the 50 on-board rhythm patterns. It gives you control over duration, attack, effect level, and direct level with either the control pedal or the knobs. This allows you to take raw sound and adapt it to your personal style. The Boss SL20 is designed for use with music playback-capable devices such as iPods, and it also works with your bass guitar and keyboard. It includes MIDI sync, 3D panning, and several other output modes as well. Good working condition. Bottom skid pad replaced with Velcro. Everything else is stock. No box or manual

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Boss SL120 Slicer Pedal

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