Stone Deaf PDF-1effect pedal

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Used Stone Deaf PDF-1.Very good condition.
The PDF-1 has long been a secret weapon in the arsenal of countless bands. Stone Deaf's version lives up to the reputation and once it goes on your pedal board it will not come off for a loooong time. This pedal is brand new in box, in stock and ready to ship!!!

From Stone Deaf
The PDF-1 stands for Parametric Distortion Filter number 1. This pedal works incredibly well on Guitar or Bass!

It is a parametric EQ that has a switch-able clean and distorted circuit inside which enables the user to cut and boost by 20dB of a selected frequency from 65Hz-3000Hz. It has a selectable 5 position bandwidth switch that tailors your sound from FAT to THIN which will give you FAT bottom end and THIN needle point highs on your guitar and bass. Kick in the overdrive/fuzz and you can select a multitude of sounds that can get you from dirty overdriven /fizzy guitar tone to fizzy velcro type bass fuzz tuning to clip the output of your amp that also has a lot of colour in between.

It has a true bypass Aux output to a second amp for your clean sound to be used simultaneously. (We suggest using an output transformer such as the GigRig Humdinger to eliminate potential earth loops.)

The PDF-1 is based on the Maestro Parametric Filter MPF-1 that was designed by Bob Moog back in the 1970's for Gibson Norlin. This original pedal is used by Alex Lifeson of Rush and more notably Joshua Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age (Its all over the rated R album). Stone Deaf FX felt this pedal sounded too good to be overlooked and too rare for people really to have the opportunity to play one. So we thought lets re-design the Maestro MPF-1 and improve upon what was already great about this pedal. Other Notable users include: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, The Strokes, Biffy Clyro, Foo Fighters and Them Crooked Vultures plus many more.

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Stone Deaf PDF-1effect pedal

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