Glowfly Wraa Glitchwave 567 – Chaos Engine


Used Glowfly Wraa Glitchwave 567 – Chaos Engine. VG+ condition.

This is fairly crazy pedal and definitely not for everyone!

It uses a 567 Tone Decoder chip. They were used for old telephony stuff, detecting/deciphering the frequencies of dial tones and routing calls. It’s being dreadfully misused here to create a ring modulator, and overdiven to produce gnarly glitchy mayhem/ robotic modem sounds.

The filter knob (“Fizz”) gives a very satisfying sweep, allowing for pinpoint tone control, while the “Dry” knob lets you dial it back to reality a bit with a clean blend, or go all out on the chaos

Independent wet and dry volume knobs
Variable 2-pole filter
Adjustable ring modulator

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Glowfly Wraa Glitchwave 567 – Chaos Engine

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