Audiotech Pro-verdrive overdrive pedal


N.O.S. Audiotech Pro-verdrive dynamic overdrive pedal.

By adjusting the knobs you can dial in some great tones with this pedal. Allowing you to achieve vintage to modern overdrive tones for lead and rhythm playing. It also cleans up very nicely when you back off on the guitars volume control.

Giving you that nice tube amp sounding clean tone. And it features genuine Audiotech Guitar Products ‘True Bypass’ switching so your guitar signal is never degraded and loaded down when the PRO-VERDRIVE is switched out of the audio path.

The PD-1 Pro-Verdrive produces warm vintage and modern overdrive tones.
Provides an additional gain stage to overdrive the front end of any tube amp, solid-state amp or amp modeler.
Can be used as a switchable clean boost for soloing, clean single notes and chord strumming.
When using as clean boost the PD-1 does not alter your basic tone.
Can be used as a stand-alone distortion unit.
Features genuine Audiotech ‘True Bypass’ switching for greater signal integrity.

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Audiotech Pro-verdrive overdrive pedal

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