MXR 2000 Dynacomp. 80s


MXR 2000 Dynacomp.

2000 Series (1982–1984)
The Series 2000 was a complete rework of the Reference and Commande lines of pedals. These were higher quality pedals, with electronic FET switching and dual LED indicators. They had a new contoured shape, an all-metal chassis and an easily removable plastic battery compartment door. These were fully rubberized on the bottom surface and were remote-controllable. Most of the pedals had two outputs that provide two distinctly different versions of the same pedal.

The MXR Series 2000 sported six models. These original pedals in the series included the Dyna Comp, Distortion +, Phaser, Stereo Chorus, Stereo Flanger and Time Delay.

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MXR 2000 Dynacomp. 80s

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