Volt-A-Tone Analog Delay


New Volt-A-Tone Analog Delay.
Bucket brigade delay with tap tempo plus lots of other features! This is a very flexible effects module based on the V3205 chip and V571 compander.

Normal operation lets you set delay times between 20ms – 208ms. However, the TAP and SYNC features allow you to push the limits of the bucket brigade for much longer delay times (up to four seconds!). The longer the delay time, the more lo-fi the sound quality. Just turn the DELAY TIME knob to snap back to normal operation.

DELAY TIME CV input creates warped delays much like manually turning the DELAY TIME knob. At shorter delay times, this can sound almost like a flanger.

SYNC input matches delay time to external clocks or LFO rates.

SEND/RETURN allows you to insert external effects or filters into the FEEDBACK loop. The SEND jack also doubles as a WET only output.

We set the FEEDBACK pot to get infinite feedback when turned all the way up, but the internal REPEATS trim pot allows you to adjust the range to your liking.


• 6 hp (30x128mm panel size)

• Depth: 39mm

• +12V 30mA

• -12V 21mA

• 5V 0mA

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Volt-A-Tone Analog Delay

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