Volt-A-Tone HI-LO EXP


New Volt-A-Tone HI-LO EXP
The HI-LO Expander is a passive 4HP module which adds 4 CV inputs to the HI-LO module. This allows for CV effects not available on the HI-LO. The HI-LO uses a single CV input that simultaneously modulates both filters and in turn the notch. The Expander adds separate control of each of the filters and can be combined with the HI-LO CV input to create interesting and complex modulation. There are 2 LPF and 2 HPF CV inputs with attenuation on one input per filter. Each pair of CVs also modulates one half of the notch filter which is formed by summing the HPF and LPF. With the Expander you can now alter the notch width and frequency in ways not capable with the single CV. Connection to the HI-LO is made with a 4 pin connector (cable included).

• 4HP

• +12V 0mA

• -12V 0mA

• +5V 0mA

• 22mm Depth

• 4 Pin connector cable included

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Volt-A-Tone HI-LO EXP

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