Volt-A-Tone HI-LO


Volt-A-Tone HI-LO.
The HI-LO is a 24 db LPF and a 24db HPF that are then summed together to create a 24dB notch or band stop filter. All three filters have independent outputs. This module is made using 2 AS3320 chips with controls designed to easily work with the notch filter. The oscilloscope images below show the same signal from each output. Sound clips are coming soon.


• 24dB Low Pass Filter

• 24dB High Pass Filter

• 24 dB Notch Filter

• CV with Attenuverter

• 2 CV modes allowing both notch width and notch frequency control

• Fully resonating feedback for both LPF and HPF

• 4 additional CV’s can be added via the Hi-LO Expander module

• 8HP

• Depth: 39mm

• +12V 34mA

• -12V 39mA

• +5V 0mA

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Volt-A-Tone HI-LO

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