Volt-A-Tone HM VCO


New Volt-A-Tone Tech Drum.
Based on the Hearn Morley HMVCO chip. Features ± 5V sawtooth, square and triangle wave outputs. Accurate 1 volt/octave tuning over 7 or more octaves. Separate course and fine tuning knobs for precise tuning. Initial pulse width knob (IPW) as well as PWM CV input for controlling pulse width of the square wave. Sync and FM/Linear CV inputs as well.


• Approximate frequency range: 10Hz – 30 kHz

• 6 hp (30x128mm panel size)

• Depth: 33mm

• +12V 25mA

• -12V 28mA

• 5V 0mA

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Volt-A-Tone Tech Drum.

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