Volt-A-Tone VCLFO


New Volt-A-Tone VCLFO
6hp dual voltage controlled LFO with square wave and triangle wave outputs. Each LFO has an exponential frequency CV with CV amount knob. LFOs can be patched together for interesting effects (oscilloscope images show some examples). The toggle switch determines which of the 2 LFOs is the primary. The primary LFO’s frequency knob controls both LFOs while the secondary frequency knob can be used to set the difference between the two frequencies. Using this method you can create two LFOs that can be controlled together but maintain the ratio between them. This also allows the secondary LFO to achieve extremely low frequencies. In the center “FREE” switch position they are independent. Skiff friendly 39mm depth.


• Approximate frequency range: 0.01-30Hz (80s – 30ms)

• Extended low range @45 min. cycle (using master switch)

• 6 hp (30x128mm panel size)

• Depth: 39mm

• +12V 27mA

• -12V 13mA

• 5V 0mA

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Volt-A-Tone VCLFO

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