Stomp Audio Labs Mother of Fuzz Germanium Fuzz


Used Stomp Audio Labs Mother of Fuzz Germanium Fuzz.
The Mother of Fuzz is our Germanium fuzz. Its transistors spent thirty icy winters in Soviet Union. They watched the Cold War change their homeland, in Ukraine, and now they came all the way to the tropical lands of Brazil, to find a final destination much brighter than what its creators had in mind: To transform the sound of your guitar.

Its circuit has its roots in the vintage fuzzes of the 60s, specifically the legendary Tone Benders. Its filter is a versatile tone control. At the maximum, it has piercing trables, sharp as knives, and at the minimum it is very bassy, delivering a tone as heavy as an elephant, going through every shade in between.It has a very high gain, that cleans very well the guitar’s volume knob, besides a Tone control that goes from fat lows to sharp highs.

The Mother of Fuzz was designed to have a stratospheric gain. With the Fuzz knob at zero, it is already quite heavy, and by turning the control up, it mainly changes the timbre of the fuzz. Why so much gain? For as every good fuzz, specially the Germanium ones, by rolling the guitar’s volume knob, you can almost completely clean the fuzz, so an extra gain on the circuit makes it more versatile. If you want a less distorted tone, just decrease the volume of your own guitar, as the Great ones once did, and the pedal becomes cleaner, without losing volume.

All of these features were made possible due to the quality of the components used in this pedal. When we say we do not measure our efforts in our suppliers, it is because of the Mother of Fuzz. Besides the vintage Soviet transistors, we use mylar capacitors and vintage American Allen-Bradley carbon resistors to create the creamy tone that only a real germanium fuzz makes. And unlike the old germanium fuzzes, it has polarity protection and it works in perfect harmony with 9V power supplies.

Additional Information
Weight: 270 g
Dimensions: 13 x 7.5 x 5.5 cm

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Used Stomp Audio Labs Mother of Fuzz Germanium Fuzz.

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